New Year.

Hello, folks! We’re primed up and ready for the new Season after a healthy rest during the Winter months. We have a couple of exciting things coming up soon to share with all of ya’s, all of which will begin on March 3rd, the date of our first practice of 2018, or also known as the “Home Opener“.


Moving Forward.

This year for Vulpes Venatus will be that of personal growth. We are looking to touch on numerous types of fights every week. In the past we’ve focused heavily on the “purely fun” types of battles like Capture The Flag and some custom-made scenarios we came up with, but this year we want to also devote a healthy amount of focus on formats that allow each person to get a good degree of coaching from their peers, and in order to do so we’ve been looking at numerous skill-building battles that provide a bunch of fun while also putting fighters into a place where they have to implement heavy strategy, to offer a range of circumstances for our fighters to participate in, so as to provide experience in numerous situations.


Mitzunare will be predominantly switching over to a “Herald/Referee”, in order to offer a fun and streamlined approach to the weekly practices, in order to alleviate the format we had in the past which suffered from, at times, an hour or more of sitting around because there seemed to be no forward momentum with the fights, it was sporadic and unguided, with the question “What should we do next?” coming up far too often.


Upcoming Festivities.

On the 24th we’re going to host our yearly Invasion, where fighters from other great fields in Tennessee are invited to come out and fight with us and bring their flavor of battle to our humble clearing!


Then it’s a race to get as much practice in as we can before Beltane in May, where we can show off our hard work and dedication to fighters from all across the US who travel far and wide to come camp for 3 days at Beltane, which is being hosted by Dur-Demarion out of Elmington Park in Nashville. It’s one of two events that the aforementioned field hosts, which offers an awesome weekend home to several hundred people every year.


Changes to the Website!

It’s a bit aggravating to show up and have to sign waivers before you fight, yeah? We’ve been chewing on an effective way to implement “Digital Waivers” to the website for a while, that way you can fill them out and they’ll be in our files ready to go when you show up, saving you the need to sit down and do so before tearing into your opponents! Well, our prayers were answered and it seems that the genius individuals over at Dur-Demarion beat us to the punch and implemented a system to do just that on their website, and they’re more than happy to share their magic with us as well.. Soo, yeah. That’s a thing. A thing that will be added here, soon™.


In closing.

I mean, what else do you want to read? That’s pretty much it. We’re gonna hit stuff, and things, and people.. a lot.. with a variety of weapons.. and, like.. kill them.. sometimes they’ll kill us, too.. soooo -clicks tongue- yeah.. see y’all next Saturday… on the field.. 🙂

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