We had an AMAZING Home Opener yesterday, we went through numerous different Scenario Battles and were host to NUMEROUS new warriors from rather distant villages coming out to train with us!

Savannah, Nick, Matt, Cole, and Jeremy! You all ROCKED it yesterday and we can’t wait to have ya come back out in the future, there are many enemies out there that must be slain, and we need your help in doing so! 

We have two weeks of regular practice ahead of us and then, on the 24th, word has carried through the winds that those hooligans from the North are planning to come down and attack us..

I’m curious as to why these individuals would want to attack our training grounds, I doubt any of them had even ever visited Zao Mura before it was destroyed.. what significance does Vulpes Venatus hold for them..? No matter, we must defend our beloved memorial to Zao Mura! Please stand with me!


Note: Not sure what that last bit is talking about? Check out the Vulpes Venatus Geddon Page to see the backstory/lore for our field.

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