Frequently Asked Questions

Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is a full contact battle game where foam weapons are used in order to prevent serious physical injury to participants. It differs from other battle games and LARPs in that it is entirely combat-oriented that allows hard hitting, shield bashes, and grappling with little emphasis on role playing and has no magic or character classes. It is composed of a number of not-for-profit “realms”, which compete at regional and national events every year.

Typically, each realm also holds individual fighting practices several times a week. Realms vary in size from just a handful of people to over a hundred fighters.

The organization initially formed from a set of loosely organized clubs and franchises starting in December 2001. In July 2002 the group was organized enough to incorporate in the State of Illinois.

-Wikipedia “Belegarth”

Just come out to one of our practices on Saturdays, approach one of the fighters and ask them to teach you the rules of the game. After which you’ll be given some loaner gear and the fight is on!

While Vulpes Venatus does offer loaner gear, if and when you’re ready to begin your own collection of gear, there are numerous places you can acquire gear for Belegarth. Vulpes Venatus is currently sponsored by the weaponsmiths “Forged Foam” and the Leatherworkers “Anubis’s Defense” in an effort to make the startup easier for new fighters.

Vulpes Venatus is currently sponsored by the weaponsmiths Forged Foam and the Leatherworkers Anubis’s Defense.

The above Vendors have worked a deal with Vulpes Venatus and individuals who are new to Belegarth can get a one time discount for purchased wares, when providing a Coupon Code that is specific to Vulpes Venatus. Individuals who are already established within Belegarth/already own gear are NOT eligible for use of this code, it’s purely for NEW FIGHTERS.

Inquire with leadership to acquire this code.

Safety is the highest priority in Belegarth, our weapons are put through extensive checks at the beginning of each practice, if they’re found to fail our tests in ANY way, they are disqualified and removed from play until the problem is fixed.
While it’s considered to be safer than most other sports, Belegarth IS a full contact sport, so bruises and welts are a possibility, but you can always invest in armor and other gears to protect yourself.
Individuals ages 16 and 17 can participate in combat upon completing a “Minor Waiver” which must be filled out, signed by a legal guardian and notarized by a public notary.
Individuals ages 18 and above can participate in combat upon completing an “Adult Waiver” which must be filled out and signed by themselves.
Both of the above waivers are valid for one (1) year after their completion, after which a new one must be filled out.

There is no fee for weekly practices, however in the case of a “special event” there may be entry fees if Vulpes Venatus is providing food and/or drink for all of its participants.